If you are using this website, we would like to make you aware that your computer is sharing information with us that we will use for the further development of the services of the website. We would like to assure the readers and users of this website that the information that we gather during the course of their stay will not leave the servers of the FWRiction.com website.

Why Gather Information?

The website automatically collects bytes of information that is unique to every computer; most people know them as cookies. The website tracks these cookies to see which pages and articles readers and users frequent the most. This way, we’ll be able to determine which pages are getting the most attention beyond shares and likes.

This information is important to the continued development of the website as it gives developers better insight into what their readers are looking for. Armed with that information, the editorial and technical staff can work together to apply all the positives that they can find with the popular pages to the entire website.

Who Sees The Information

No one beyond the technical staff will be able to see the data in its raw form; they’ll do the tracking and determine which pages are getting the most attention. The editorial staff then analyses the pages that received the most traffic and determine what parts attracted the attention. They’ll attempt to replicate the success of the page onto future articles.

If you want to help the cause of making this website the best it can be, go to our Contact Us page and give us some feedback on how you think we’re doing.