Don’t Let Oil Leaks Put You Out of Business

Oil SpillOil leaks have a catastrophic effect on the environment and can incur hefty financial losses. By taking credible measures to increase safety, you can avoid such problems that can ruin your business.

According to API 653 storage tank repair experts, one of the primary reasons why oil tanks are round is to increase safety. See, circular shapes have an equal distribution of force and pressure, unlike their cornered cousins. Corners create point pressure, which lowers the integrity of the tank. Angles give credence to the phrase bursting at the seams.

Safety is a primary concern when dealing with petrol and petroleum-related products. To this end, you need to make every effort to keep your tanks in excellent shape. Otherwise, you might incur a boatload of trouble that could jeopardize your business.

Hefty Fines

You have probably seen the sorry sight that is a bird caught up in an oil spill. The unfortunate thing’s plumage is often covered in a dense layer of oil. This interferes with its ability to regulate its body temperature, leading to certain death. Cognizant of the harmful effects of oil on the environment, the government imposes hefty fines on the culpable parties.

That is on top of incurring hefty cleanup charges. Oil contaminates soil and seeps into the waterways, polluting drinking water and killing aquatic life. A significant leak from your facility can endanger lives and properties because it increases the risk of fire.

A Ruined Business

Petroleum products are notoriously flammable and are responsible for many fire disasters. To this end, the regulatory authorities impose a stringent safe measure that you need to abide by. For instance, you need to have a certified expert inspect your API storage tanks every five years.

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Failing to abide with such directives puts your facility at risk. If your facility is razed to the ground, then you’re in trouble. Your insurer won’t pay after realizing that you neglected your storage tanks.

Oil storage is a lucrative business venture because you get to cash in on the growing demand. However, you need to take proactive measures to keep your facility and products safe.