Why Australian Mining Companies Should Use Genuine Machinery Parts

Portable storage tanksThe use of non-genuine parts in mining equipment may be common in Australia, yet companies should realise that this practice is risky for business and lives.

Whether it’s a portable diesel tank or drilling machinery, using genuine parts protects your investment in the equipment. Cost-efficiency drives many companies to procure non-genuine parts, although they may end up spending more by skimping on high-standard parts.

Misplaced Thriftiness

Reverse-engineered parts are some of the most commonly used in the mining sector. These substandard components parts are usually manufactured using a copy of the original one. While competition may force you to engage in this practice, take note that there’s no guarantee for the efficiency of the manufacturing process, as well as quality insurance and inspection.

In case of equipment failure, second-rate components could likely cause two other parts of machinery to malfunction. This would then require you to replace the broken parts and while doing so, production suffers at the mining site that subsequently affects business.

Job Growth

The mining sector has led employment growth in Australia based on job listings on SEEK. Vacancies in Western Australia and Queensland rose 16.8% and 20.2% in July year over year respectively, according to SEEK chief commercial officer Kendra Banks.

During the same period, new job listings in the mining, resources, and energy sector rose 73%. Overall job listings in all industries nationwide rose 12.6%. As the industry hires more people, businesses have an obligation to maintain a safe working environment. The use of second-rate components defeats this purpose.

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It makes no senses to use substandard parts in mining equipment, especially when you have spent a significant amount in machinery. By choosing not to use non-genuine parts, you spare your business from operations risks and maintain safety for workers.