Why a Self-Bunded Tank is Good for Your Business

Large eco- friendly water storage tank in suburban backyardA self-bunded tank is defined as a tank within a tank. It is well known for its durability and toughness. It has of walls of double steel that make it ideal for on-site diesel storage and self-containment. Here are other reasons why these tanks are preferred for fuel storage.


The experts at Durotank explain that you can use a self-bunded diesel tank immediately after installation. You can also easily transport it to a new site in case you need to move due to project or seasonal demands. Portable tanks of up to 10, 000 litres are available for easier transportation. The tanks can also be used to store other liquids in addition to diesel including petroleum, waste oil, and petrochemicals.

Cost Effective

The savings on cost start with the set-up and installation of the tanks. The tanks also have containment systems that prevent leaks and ruptures, and you do not need to build an external bund. Their large capacities ensure you can store large quantities of fuel which minimises the resources used to travel to refuelling stations.


There is a wide range of self-bunded tanks. For instance, self-bunded container tanks are round-shaped with a rectangular frame. A self-bunded wrap tank is a traditional round shaped tank which can also be customised in line with a client’s specifications. The capacity also ranges from 1,000 to 150,000 litres.


These tanks are known for their toughness due to the steel walls that prevent spills and leakage. Even if the diesel leaks via the first wall which is rare, the second one provides additional protection preventing further leakage.

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The tanks come with built-in security and hatches that can be locked at all access points, which cn be suitable for both residential or industrial needs. The easy to maintain tanks also keep your fuel fresh and clean, which is good for vehicles and business.

Self-bunded tanks are becoming increasingly popular as they are durable and cost-effective. They have so many advantages that many companies should consider them for their liquid storage systems.