When Parents Help Their Freshman Choose Their First Car

Car DealershipFinally, your child has graduated high school and is now preparing for college, including buying a car. If your incoming college student has been responsible for the family car, you know that you can trust them with their own vehicle.

Here are some factors you may want to discuss with your teen before choosing a car for them:

Brand New or Used?

The age old debate whether a freshman should buy pre-loved or brand new has always plagued parents and kids alike. If your freshman is under a scholarship or has a part-time job, then do consider buying a new car to avoid possible maintenance issues as they continue on their college years. If you both have limited means, however, choose a used car with an average mileage and a sturdy body and engine.

Which Dealership?

While it’s tempting to buy a used car from a friend or relative, iboettcher.com.au noted that car dealerships offer a wider selection of wiser choices. Most dealers have cosmetic body repairs and engine maintenance done on their pre-loved vehicles. In addition, these used cars also have limited warranties while full guarantees are offered for brand new units. Check online to make sure that your chosen car dealership has positive feedback from its customers.

What About the “Other” Uses?

As it’s your freshman’s car, ask them what other possible occasions they may use it for like long drives, traversing rough roads, ferrying friends, or joining a campus carpool. These factors can help you decide what car and model would be good for them. It may even be part of the consideration of which car insurance package you should be purchasing for the unit.

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Once you answer all these questions, you and your incoming freshman will be able to consider the most suitable options. Give them the freedom to make the final choice, though, even if you are paying a bigger portion of the price tag.