What You Should Know Before Painting Your Boat

White BoatYou might require hiring a professional to do boat painting for you. The process of painting a boat is often demanding, from buying the paint to preparing the hull. You might, therefore, consider hiring a professional to do the job for you.

Even professionals in painting boats, says www.clearrenew.com.au, need to keep themselves updated. The following are important tips on boat painting.

  • The first thing is to follow all the instructions and safety procedures outlined by the manufacturer concerning applying new paints and handling paints already applied on the boat.
  • Always spread a piece of plastic to collect paint, sanding dust, chips and drips and then dispose of them.
  • Ensure you do not leave exposed wood since this will affect your finish.
  • Wipe and sand the surfaces to ensure it is free of any wax coating.
  • To ensure paint adhesion on previously unpainted surfaces, use a de-waxing solvent to clean them.
  • The required conditions for optimal painting are humidity levels below 65%, and the temperature should be 10-400 C.
  • To achieve optimum drying without dripping, painting or applying the varnish should be done when the temperature is average and on a low humid calm day.
  • Consider using various thin coats as opposed to one thick coat.
  • To protect your eyes and hands, put on personal protective clothing and equipment.

Is it OK to remove hardware from the boat?

You should try to remove all hardware down to the sliding aluminium window. This is to prevent any crease that would allow water through the cracks, thereby destroying the paint. Whatever hardware that cannot be removed should be covered with painter’s tape.

On repairs

Any repair on the surfaces such as cracks, nicks and corrosion should be done before painting. This is important to prevent imperfections or holes in the final job.

You have to realise that painting a boat is not a job for everyone and calls for an experienced professional. Look for someone who can give your boat such care.