What Kiwis Should Be Sowing in Their Greenhouses This Spring

a conservatory greenhouseIt is the middle of spring in New Zealand, but home-owners could still make the most of the remaining weeks for sowing the right type of fresh produce.

If you want to build an aluminium-frame glass house, Edenlite suggests you think about the distance from your home when planning to use an electrical heater to save on installation expenses.

Time to Sow

The weather in spring makes it the best time to sow tomato seedlings in a greenhouse, where you have a better chance of regulating temperature. Place seedlings in a spot with the largest possible amount of sunlight.

Other types of seeds that are best for sowing during this season include parsley, sweetcorn broad beans, and green salads.

The salad varieties could be grown in a greenhouse as well, although it could be as small as a shoe box that you could build yourself. A larger glass house would require the help of a professional.

Greenhouse Planting

The size of your greenhouse will matter if you want to plant as many types of seeds as possible. For instance, cordon tomatoes require high eaves to support plant growth.

Shelving also maximises space when placed above the ground, so make sure that there is at least a metre of free space inside the glass house. In terms of irrigation, consider using gutters designed to harvest rainwater or simply use an automated watering system.

The latter costs more, but you no longer have to remind yourself constantly whether or not your plants have gotten the right moisture.

Spring is not over yet, so decide which kind of seedlings would take up space in your nursery or greenhouse. You should consider asking for expert opinion on sowing seeds, especially if you are a beginner with a goal of harvesting produce on a regular basis.

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