Ways to Reduce Product Loss in Warehouses

Man making sure that the warehouse is cleanOne of the biggest challenges warehouse businesses face is managing inventory. If the warehouse deals with fragile goods, poor inventory management may lead to damaged goods. The repercussions of losses are even greater if the warehouse deals with products that have expiration dates.

Here are some ways you, a warehouse business, can prevent product spoilage and avoid losses:

Avoid dead-stock

Dead-stock doesn’t necessarily refer to a product that has expired; it could simply be stock that has gone out of season. If it is out of season, it’s irrelevant to allow it to continue taking up space on the shelves. When dealing with food products, dead-stock will most likely refer to expired goods.

Expired food goods may cause spoilage to other products, so you need to rid of them. Conducting regular racking inspections will help you identify dead-stock immediately.

Lighten up operations

Upgrading lighting will help avert errors in picking, packing, handling, and putting away products. The warehouse employees get to see better what they are doing. If you can increase natural lighting in your warehouse, you will not only prevent product spoilage but also save on energy consumption.

Keep the warehouse clean

Cluttered and dirty aisles can encourage product defects. When forklifts navigate around, for instance, they may hit pallet racking or dump their load, which will damage goods. Clean and bright aisles that are free of obstructions will ease inspections and protect inventory from damage.


A general rule in refrigeration is that the larger the storage space, and the lower the average storage temperature, the slower the spoilage will occur. Products in smaller spaces, such as the walk-in coolers, are more likely to experience spoilage in a matter of hours.

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Although no single step of process improvement will by itself stop the spoilage of products, a combination of lighting up the warehouse, maintaining cleanliness, getting rid of dead-stock and choosing the right refrigeration can help prevent waste.