Water, Life; Water Tanks, Lifesavers

Water TankIf there’s one thing scouting will teach you it’s that you shouldn’t forget to bring your water bottles or you would have to beg your way to survive the hike trail. Kidding aside, water is so important that cities of old built all sorts of waterways and contraptions to flourish. And that’s exactly what made Australia and its cities shine even brighter today.

A Historic Drought Meets a Great Nation

Older civilisations knew how important water is. And where water was not immediately available, aqueducts even in its most primitive form were used by ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, and Babylonians – a technology largely improved by the Romans. True enough, everywhere the Roman Empire conquered and built cities, its system of aqueducts followed.

And yet, in modern times one nation surmounted a water crisis so challenging, its success reverberated all around the world. From 1997 to 2009, Australia, sunny Queensland including, faced the worst imaginable drought in its history. Situations were so dire, water levels dropped to an all-time low capacity of 25.6 percent in Melbourne, a city of 4.3 million people.

However, instead of folding up, Australia tightened its belt and implemented tougher water management measures.

Water by the Tanks

Like Ancient Rome, the Land Down Under invested millions in water infrastructure, a vast network of pipelines to deliver water over mountains. Most importantly, the government rallied its people. Specifically, it encouraged water conservation measures right from each Australian home utilising water tanks. With the aid of Queensland legislation, funds and rebates were made available to push as many Aussie homes as possible to build needed metal water storage.

Today, thanks to those measures, sunny Queensland is even sunnier as the Australian nation and its mighty people have triumphantly overcome the harsh effects of years of continuous water recession.

In the drought’s wake remained an even sturdier Australian home, symbolised by countless water tanks that has since littered the country. As testament to its success, many more long-lasting water storage are being built today.

With these powerful tanks, water that is life has become water that saved a nation.