Want a More Powerful and Efficient 4WD? Get these Upgrades

4WD Upgrades in PerthOne of the most common mistakes a lot of 4WD owners make is to spend a lot of time and resources on improving engine performance but not taking enough time boosting their ride’s exhaust. Although there is nothing wrong with upgrading engine to augment its performance, you should know that your truck’s exhaust system deserves just as much attention, JTW Autoparts reminds.

When you choose the right parts to fit into your 4×4, you can gain as much as a 10 percent increase in engine power, sometimes even greater. A complete exhaust system is one of the most affordable ways to boost power without compromising fuel consumption, and best of all, you can get it from reliable 4WD wreckers in Perth. And just in case you do not know where to start, you can always ask for their help in installation.


These serve as the exit points from engines. Factory versions usually have designs aimed at saving space and materials, which means you cannot expect them to perform at their peak. When shopping for manifolds, make sure you get something with a proper header, which will deliver optimum gas flow without giving you pressure issues.

Engine pipes

This part of an exhaust system starts from the manifolds and runs through the particulate filter or the catalytic converter. Although it is quite simple to find engine pipes, you still need to make certain you choose those that feature flowing curves, so they do not affect your exhaust. Another important thing here is to ensure that much of the heat remains in the gas rather than having it transferred to and retained in the pipe.

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The silencer acts as a system pressure-reducer, which deadens the noise it produces. Make sure that you invest in a strongly built and properly installed one in your off-road truck, as silencers tend to easily sustain damages.

So give that 4×4 of yours a boost in both engine and exhaust performance: work with a reliable wrecking facility now that carries parts and components of 4WD in all make and models.