Various Types of Plastic Storage Tanks

Suburban water tankThere are many different groups of polyethene water tanks available today. These tanks fall into various categories according to their sizes, functionality, and use. Some are specialized while others are not. These are the different types of poly tanks and their application.

1. Slimline poly tanks

These tanks are made of lightweight polyethene and can fit in the side of a house or building. These slimline anks are ideal for storing water for your garden, or collect rainwater for your garden use. Some of these slimline tanks could store up to 5000 litres of water, though there are tanks as small as 200 litres.

2. Horizontal tanks

Also known as transporter tanks, they are designed for use as portable storage tanks. Their design allows for semi – permanent or permanent fixation to the back of a pickup or truck. They have a conveniently located top for ease of filling and a flat base for proper resting on the surface. They are built to ensure that the center of gravity of the vehicle is not affected. They are mainly used to transport water for firefighting, building, or other uses.

3. Vertical Tanks

These are the most popular types of tanks available today. They are labeled as general tanks and have a wide variety of applications. They are often used in rainwater harvesting systems, as well as agricultural and industrial use. To increase their functionality and shelf life, they should be installed on a good tank stand or a proper level base. However, these tanks are limited to above ground use as putting them underground would make their walls collapse.

4. Underground water tanks

These are designed to be buried and can withstand the extreme pressure underground. They are mainly used as sewage or septic tanks, as well as water storage tanks. Some people prefer these tanks over above-ground tanks because of their various advantages.
Above are some of the most popular water tanks available today. When purchasing a water tank, consider factors such as your water demands, your budget, the available storage space as well as the potential harm by people, animals, or the environment. Select a slimline water tank that is durable, economical, and one that will suit your needs.
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