Using Wastewater Systems That Suit You

A water treatment facilityWastewater is the liquid waste from human activities that is considered unsafe and even hazardous. Not only is it potentially dangerous to humans, but it also adds to the environmental pollution. Some private and government agencies fund different projects that can reduce or even reuse wastewater sewage system for homes and industries.

There are different treatment methods available nowadays, but there are mainly three: primary, secondary, and tertiary or advanced treatments.

Primary Treatment

Primary treatment involves the process of sedimentation where it serves as a pre-treatment of water. Sedimentation is the removal of suspended unwanted particulate and some foreign biological materials present in the water.

Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment involves biological oxidation. In this process, bacteria and other forms of microorganisms consume the dissolved oxygen and organic substances present in the wastewater.

Tertiary Treatment

Lastly, the tertiary treatment also known as the advanced treatment refers to other treatments other than those mentioned above. Private companies look for a simpler and a more natural approach when it comes to wastewater treatment.

Treatment facilities which run on natural wastewater treatment systems do not use mechanical pumps and avoid using large mechanisms and facilities because natural systems run on ground soil, water, and wetland environment.

There are five types of natural wastewater treatment systems:

1. Soil (ground) filters

2. Constructed treatment wetlands

3. Waste stabilization-ponds

4. Aquatic plant systems and bio-eliminators

5. Irrigation by wastewater (minimally mechanically treated)

Before choosing your residential wastewater sewage system, it is important to consider the drawbacks. It is important to consider the location because this requires a large land area to be able to efficiently function. It may also produce undesirable odors, so the location is vital.

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But for some, wastewater could be a source of energy. Some private companies are trying to find ways to use wastewater to help prevent disease and other problems. However, you choose to make use of the effluent from your home, it is essential to have a good wastewater sewage system.