Types of Mezzanine Systems for Storage Purposes

WarehouseThe storage system is an essential part of any warehouse for the storage of goods before disbursement. Whenever there are many goods coming into the warehouse and few leaving the warehouse, a storage system is critical for storage of the excess items.

When you have exhausted the storage system in your facility, and need more storage space, you could use warehouse mezzanine systems for more storage space. The storage system uses the vertical space to create a solution for your space needs. Below are the common types of storage systems:

Catwalks Storage

This system lies adjacent to a conveyor or your material handling equipment that has elevation capabilities. The system allows the addition of stairways and drop zones to offer personnel easier access to stored goods and equipment.

Freestanding Systems

These systems are more like an additional feature in your warehouse. The system has robust steel support made of columns that rely on bolting for fixing on the floors. These systems are ideal in applications where there is not much variance in the load requirements.

Full Mat Systems

These systems combine the characteristics of the catwalk and freestanding systems for more efficiency. You could install the system over an existing system as they have the second level.

Structural Systems

These systems are incorporated into your warehouse design that comes in the initial stage of warehouse construction. Usually, these systems have concrete floor systems, making them ideal for handling very heavy loads.

Rack Supported Systems

These systems rely on existing rack systems for support and do not need extra columns for support. The systems are easy to install as the constructor installs them upon your existing storage systems.

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Warehouse mezzanine systems come as a custom structure and therefore easy to add to your warehouse. The structure is made of steel, which allows for customisation according to your space requirements.