Tow Truck Safety: Using the Right Light Bar for Towing

Two cars in a traffic accidentIt is impossible to tell when the worst scenarios, such as car accidents, will happen. But thanks to the always-ready tow truck drivers, the vehicles do not remain on the road for an extended time.

More often than not, tow truck drivers work in dangerous situations dragging a car from the middle of the road to a safer place or even just side of the street so that traffic can continue flowing. It is essential that every tow truck has the right light bar for towing as an added safety measure in alerting other motorists of traffic interruption.

Where to put tow lights

Tow lights are suitable for the front, back and sides of the truck. The concept here is to ensure other motorists can see your towing vehicle from all directions. While multiple lights, more often than not, will do the trick, you can also put lights on the car you are rescuing for increased safety.

Instances you will need to use tow lights

It is better when you use more than less lighting. First, a truck driver will need to use tow lights when moving a car from the road to notify other motorists that something is going on. Also, when leaving an accident site, a truck driver should use tow lights to indicate to other motorists that he is handling a wide-load, and they could need more area to maneuver safely. Thus, fellow road users will slow down as they approach the towing truck.

In getting the proper lights for towing, look for high-quality tow lights that will serve the right purpose and serve you for long. Do not forget to set up the lights correctly before you start towing.

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