Top Ways to Collect Rainwater for Household and Farming Use

Green rainwater tankThere is an increasing desire to harvest and harness rainwater and preserve the environment. The supply of water across the world is decreasing over time, and harvesting rainwater has become an outstanding way to be environmentally responsible. Collecting rainwater also lessen your carbon footprint and lower your water bill.

Below are some innovative ways to collect rainwater.

Rain Barrels

Placing barrels under the gutters will ensure that the water that run-off the roof flows into your rainwater tanks. The use of rain barrels is probably the most affordable method of collecting rainwater. You can construct rain barrels yourself or outsource them from a local warehouse or online home improvement store. You can cover the top of the barrels to keep animals, insects, and kids away.

Barrels come with a spout at their bottom to allow rainwater to flow out. You can hook up a hose pipe to the barrel and connect it to the water tank.

Green Roof

Green roofs are an excellent way to harvest rainwater without the intervention of the middlemen. Instead of using a storage unit to collect rainwater and then divert it to the garden, homeowners can install a green roof on top of their houses. Green roofs allow vegetation to use rainwater and can serve as insulation to your property.

Underground Tanks

You can opt to install a rainwater collection system and use it to harvest and store rainwater in an underground tank. The water will flow into the tank when it rains, and then homeowners can use a pump and filter to pump it out when they want to use it. However, a rainwater collection system can be expensive to install and requires professional intervention.

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Instead of letting rainwater go to waste, it is possible to harvest and preserve it in a tank. You can use a downspout to collect rainwater in the roof and direct it to the water tank. Rainwater collection methods range from less complicated to sophisticated ones.