Top Considerations for Using Crown Moulding in your Home

dining area interiorLove the look of crown moulding but unsure if you could incorporate it into your home? Perhaps you’re concerned that your ceilings are just a bit low for them? Confused as to what style would go well with your current décor? Don’t fret, below are some guidelines to consider if you’re thinking of using crown moulding in your abode.

Consider the Height of your Ceiling

If you have standard ceilings that are 8 feet high, the height of the cornice or crown must be approximately 2 ½ to 6 inches. If your ceilings are 9 feet high, it should be about 3 to 7 ½ inches, while if your ceilings are 10 feet high, 3 ½ to 8 inches will suffice.

Consider the Style of your Home

Majority of crown moulding works in spaces with higher ceilings and large rooms with a traditional design aesthetic. For instance, if your home design is more on the contemporary side, ranch style, or mid-century modern, crown moulding might appear out of place. That being said, if your style leans toward the more adventurous and eccentric side, then you can figure out how to use crown moulding in your home. If you’re looking to incorporate elaborate, decorative wooden crown mouldings in your home, consider pairing it with simple furnishings with minimal pattern and clean lines to make sure that it would stand out.

Consider the Purpose of the Space

Crown moulding was traditionally utilized with grand cornices in public spaces like parlours, foyers, and dining rooms. As for the size, it usually stayed consistent all throughout the place. On the other hand, less intricate and smaller crown moulding was typically utilized in private rooms such bedrooms or powder rooms.

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Consider your Existing Trim

To figure out the size of crown moulding that would fit your space, check the scale of your windows casings and baseboards. In general, a suitably sized cornice would either be slightly smaller or about the same height as your baseboards.

Crown moulding is one of those grand and impactful architectural elements that could easily add elegance and value to any home. Done right, they just have that upscale look that could lend than luxurious feel to any room in your house. So keep the abovementioned tips in mind to get the exact look you want to achieve with your crown moulding.