Top 3 Pre-Tow Checks to Enhance Safety on the Road

a truck towing a white carTowing a truck presents several challenges, especially for beginners. With the increase in weight and size, handling both truck and trailer becomes more challenging. One of the best ways to avoid unwanted incidents on the road is by making sure that the truck and trailer are in the best possible shape before taking to the road. Here are three important pre-tow checks you should make.

Inspect the Lights

To some people, they may seem superfluous, but wireless tow lights play an important role. Don’t expect that other road users will be able to see the taillights of your tow vehicle, especially if you’re towing a large trailer. Check whether the tow lights are working properly before pulling out of the parking lot. 

Check the Tires

Both your tow vehicle and trailer’s tires play a huge role when it comes to handling. When under-inflated, tires increase rolling resistance and force your vehicle’s engine to work harder. Go round your vehicle, and inspect all tires to see whether they’re properly inflated. Tires that are worn out should be replaced before you hit the road. Take note of the speed rating of the tires and adhere to what’s recommended.

Take a Look at the Mirrors

Many drivers forget this simple yet important step when carrying a pre-tow check. Your rear view mirrors need to be functional before you head out. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, especially when your trailer is blocking the view. What you need to do is focus on the side mirrors, adjusting them, so you have an extended view of what’s behind your trailer.

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Adequate preparation is the key to staying safe on the road while towing a trailer. A good place to begin is by conducting a thorough pre-tow check to ensure that your vehicle is in the perfect condition for the road.