The Stainless Steel Press Fit Advantage: Why Press Fittings?

Pile of industrial pipesInstallation of piped systems is necessary for the safe delivery of many items, from hot water to gas and many others – for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. As the number of new construction and renovation projects in Australia continues to increase, so does the demand for better products from the building services industry.

With the considerable improvements in innovation and increased efficiency, modernised construction techniques have given way to safer, much more efficient, commercial pipework installations. Stainless steel press pipe fittings are one of the noteworthy innovations.

Quick yet efficient jointing methodologies

Today pipe installation methods and equipment have improved considerably, giving plumbers and managers more ways to quickly and efficiently complete the work. One such method that continues to increase in popularity is press fit technology.

These fittings allow for not just ease and quickness when it comes to jointing; they also provide both plumbing professionals and customers a way to reduce costs.

Safety and sturdiness through stainless steel

Stainless steel, one of the most versatile materials used in so many industries and applications, is a preferred material when it comes to plumbing press fit systems.

Its impressive corrosion-resistance property is just one of the many qualities that make it suitable for plumbing applications. It requires minimal maintenance; it doesn’t have negative reactions to other materials; it is widely available and more affordable. Most importantly, its overall sturdiness and durability allow for greater safety, security, and longevity.

The stainless steel press fit installation advantage

There’s a lot more to stainless steel press fittings that make it a viable alternative to other plumbing technologies. The installation of a press fit system has a big safety advantage since it provides plumbers a way to joint pipes without the need for flame, soldering, threading, or welding.

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Safety is always a priority when it comes to any construction-related activity, and press fit offers this and a lot more.