The Natural Soft Water Experience Brought by Rainwater

Rainwater TankIn the dry, arid areas of Australia, installing rainwater tanks has become essential in households. Homeowners have seen the benefits of harvesting rainwater in reducing water utility bills, as opposed to depending on restricted and limited tap water.

But the advantages of rainwater collected by rainwater tanks in Perth and other areas aren’t just on the economic side. When it comes to chemical composition, pH balance, and all that science, rainwater has the upper hand over tap water.

Rainwater Occurs Naturally

Rainwater, having fallen straight from the skies, is the purest water in the world. Unlike tap water, which has absorbed both good and harmful nutrients and chemicals from the ground, rainwater has no additional minerals and contaminants. These characteristics make water either ‘hard’ or ‘soft.’ Since it contains low concentrations of calcium and magnesium, rainwater is considered to be soft. Rain, when stored in quality rainwater tank systems, is suitable for bathing and showering.

Compared to hard tap water, rainwater is more beneficial for gardening when it comes to nutrient absorption. Calcium and magnesium in tap water do the opposite, blocking out nutrients and potentially damaging the soil.

Health Risks of Hard Tap Water

Compared to the purity of soft rainwater, hard water contains calcium and magnesium deposits called limescale that can irritate the scalp and skin. Water loses its insolubility when hard, hence its inability to wash off soap and shampoo from the skin.

Just like it does to plants, hard water also rids the skin of moisture, leaving it dry and flaky. Hard water is also linked to eczema and skin rashes. With hard water’s carbonate hardness and alkalinity, there have been studies about hard water’s possible connections to more severe conditions like Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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Harvesting rainwater poses many benefits to the environment and human health. With the right rainwater tank system, your household won’t depend on brackish, hard tap water.