The Mighty Industrial Compressor: Three Reasons to Partner with an Expert Supplier

Industrial Compressor

Have you ever wondered how machines in modern industry are powered? Maybe you’ve considered how your apartment building‘s heating, ventilation and air condition system turn on and function simultaneously? Of course, the systems that allow these miracles to happen are complex, but there’s one component that powers up all these everyday essentials – the industrial compressor.

Compressor 101

A compressor is a mainstay of many industrial and commercial operations. They are tank-like machines where the pressurised air is collected and stored as potential energy. This energy is released when needed, powering up various machines in assembly lines, plant operations, facilities and similar environments. Once all the pressure are used up, the tank can be filled again.

An industrial compressor’s power consumption varies depending on the nature of your business, size of the installed components and pressure drop, among others. The Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) identifies the reasons for high energy consumption in operating industrial compressors such as heat loss, leaks and unnecessary demand. As such, it can account for a hefty portion of your business’s power bill unless you make sure to partner with the right compressor supplier and installer.

Partnering with a Compressor Expert

  1. If you are new to running your workshop or plant, a good industrial compressor company will be able to explain to you the different kinds of industrial compressor products such as screw, oil-free, piston, silenced, scroll and mobile compressors. They will help you select the appropriate one for your business.
  2. Your supplier should be able to recommend and have the knowledge to install and service high-quality compressor brands. Ingersoll Rand, F S Curtis, Glenco and Boge are among the popular industry brands.
  3. Leave it to the experts to inspect, redesign if needed, run and maintain your compressed air system in the most efficient way possible.
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Imagine modern industrial operations without compressors. Quite frankly, there wouldn’t be any.