The Future of HVAC with Magnetic Air Conditioners

Man Checking Air Conditioning Unit

Residential air conditioning is responsible for about 15% of electricity use in the United States. Global warming has become so real that the earth’s average temperature has gone a notch higher and individuals living in warm regions may not feel the effect of the air conditioning unit in the near future.

An AC absorbs heat from the outside and changes a liquid refrigerant to gas. AC system expert notes the air conditioner then cools the gas back to liquid creating a cooling effect in the home.

Thus, an AC unit cools the inside air and warms the outside air, but there is need to cool the inside of a house without heating the outside.

The Magnetocaloric Effect

Magnetic air conditioners replace the refrigerants and compressors with magnets. Magnetic air conditioners utilize the magnetocaloric effect to keep the air cool without warming other areas of the home.

Aligning magnetic materials in a magnetic field causes magnetic materials to heat and misaligning causes the magnetic material to cool down. Recent research has shown that magnetocaloric metal alloys display a larger magnetocaloric effect than magnetic metals.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

Usually, in a magnetic air conditioner, plain water serves the purpose of heat transfer, and the metal alloy plays the role of the refrigerant. The alloys are environmental- friendly, eliminating the need for the hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HFCs) that are present in traditional air conditioners.

Are Magnetic Air Conditioners Energy-Efficient?

Like other air conditioners, magnetic air conditioners require electricity, but the motor that spins the disk with the magnetic alloy is more energy-efficient than the compressor in other air conditioners. Innovative solutions of all kind to make the world a better place are revolutionizing the HVAC industry.

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Majorly, these trends and innovations aim at reducing costs while increasing consumer’s comfort; and, magnetic air conditioners are just the beginning to cooler, livable spaces for less energy.