The Daily Hustle: Safety Tips for Travelling by Bike

Man bikingWhether it is to run errands or commute to work, an increasing amount of people is switching to bikes. It is healthy, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. If you are planning to become one of them, make sure that your two-wheeled travels will take you home and back again safely.

Use Safety Gear

Whenever going for a ride, wear protective gear (helmets, gloves, etc.), as they can be the difference between minor injuries and serious accidents. You should also equip your bike with gear, such as active lights and reflective materials that would alert others to your presence.

Protecting your bike is important too. You should also buy a good quality bike shelter. In the U.K. where bike supplies are everywhere, finding a sturdy one will not be too hard.

Prepare Well for Trips

If your bike is your primary mode of transportation, then you should learn how to use cycling hand signals. It is an acquired skill among cyclists which will help keep you safe and other people too.

Before each ride, try doing research to find out the best cycling routes to your destination. While at it, you might as well check the road and traffic conditions on the route you are taking.

Be Alert While Riding

When you’re cruising down the road on your bike, always be alert for any potential danger. This can include inattentive drivers of parked cars opening their doors or pulling out without checking for cyclists behind them.

Also, avoid listening to music through a headset or earphones so you can hear the things around you while you are cycling. Lastly, do not ride on sidewalks, go against traffic, cut off vehicles or run red lights.

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There are many benefits to travelling by bike, and to keep yourself safe while out for a ride should be your priority.