The Common Errors That Lead to Concrete Cracks

concrete crackConcrete is one of the hardest construction materials used to build a house. It's perhaps the only material that would remain solid even after decades. Sometimes, though, they crack prematurely.

The Common Mistakes

1. Too much water in the mixture

To achieve maximum strength, there shouldn’t be too much water added to the mixture. However, because concrete would be too stiff and heavy with less water, some contractors add water more than needed to simplify installation. As concrete shrinks as it dries, cracks develop.

2. Drying the slab too quickly

The process of drying the slab should take several days to complete. As concrete transforms from liquid to its solid state, it needs to be hydrated often. This process is called curing. However, some contractors do not cure the slab until it's ready.

3. Incorrect concrete strength

Concrete comes in different strengths. You should use the right type of strength based on what you will use it for.

4. Loose soil condition

Concrete could crack if you install it over loose soil. Make sure that the ground is compacted first, especially in backfilled cases, before pouring concrete.

Tips to Avoid Cracks

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on mixing concrete. Also, choose the right strength that is best for your needs. Follow proper curing methods to avoid too much shrinkage. Lastly, pour concrete only on the compacted ground and use control joints if necessary.

Sealing or Repairing Cracks

If the concrete still developed cracks, you can seal it using concrete floor repair products. There are several kinds of sealants, so ask your local hardware which product is best for your concrete finish. 

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Clean the area thoroughly before sealing. Use a wire brush to get rid of loose soil and dirt when cleaning the cracks or holes. Afterwards, apply a generous amount of sealant on the cracks before levelling it using a scraper.

Cracks are common in improperly installed concretes. For durable and crack-free concrete, learn the common installation mistakes and avoid them.