The ABCs of the ACT

Students taking examIn today’s global economy, it pays to have experienced different cultures and countries. Gaining a high quality university degree at an American university is one way UK students can take the first steps towards their global education. Taking the ACT exam is important for admission into most US universities.

Acing the ACT for UK students who aren’t familiar with it takes some extra help in the form of ACT Tutoring in London; this is tailored tutoring provided by companies such as A-List Education UK.

The first step to passing the ACT with flying colours is to understand what it’s all about.

ACT: the Basics

This standardised test gives students a composite score out of 36. This is an average score calculated from marks gained across 4 different sections of the ACT, namely English, math, science and reading. ACT Tutoring in London is available for each of these sections.

Students have 35 minutes each to complete the science and reading sections, 45 minutes to complete the English section and a full hour to complete the math section. Each section is scored out of 36, which is then averaged to give them their composite score. There is also an optional 45-minute essay section to test their writing skills.

The math section is the most time consuming. Questions are presented in order of difficulty and cover arithmetic, algebra I and II, functions, geometry and trigonometry. There is no list of formulas provided at the start, although some formulas may be included in the questions.

Taking the Test

Preparing for the ACT doesn’t just mean learning the material. ACT Tutoring in London also helps students learn techniques for how to approach the questions and work with the time they have allotted.

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As of this year, all international students must now take the computerised version of the test. Scrap paper will however be provided so students can make notes and write down calculations.

Be Prepared

Students should start prepping for the ACT 6-12 months beforehand to avoid the stress of cramming. ACT Tutoring in London provides regular tutoring sessions to get students into a good rhythm.