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The Common Errors That Lead to Concrete Cracks

Concrete is one of the hardest construction materials used to build a house. It's perhaps the only material that would remain solid even after decades. Sometimes, though, they crack prematurely. The Common Mistakes 1. Too much water in the mixture To achieve
Scene inside production line

Australia’s Manufacturing Sector Records 18-Month Growth Streak

Australia’s manufacturing industry has extended its growth streak to 18 months after posting a record performance in March, according to an index. Australian Industry Group’s Performance of Manufacturing Index showed that the industry registered a score of 63.1, which surpassed the

The Natural Soft Water Experience Brought by Rainwater

In the dry, arid areas of Australia, installing rainwater tanks has become essential in households. Homeowners have seen the benefits of harvesting rainwater in reducing water utility bills, as opposed to depending on restricted and limited tap water. But the advantages

Metal Spinning: Its Applications and Advantages

Steel manufacturers use metal spinning to shape a blank metal sheet or tube into the desired shape. Many metalworking facilities use hydraulic and electric motors to form all types of metals, such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and even iron.

The Zirconium Crucible, the Lab’s Unsung Hero

Imagine the world without Zirconium (Zr). Yes, that hard, lustrous and silvery metal with applications in a variety of industries including manufacturing, aerospace and defence and nuclear and scientific research. Zirconium’s mechanical strength, resistance to corrosives and flexibility lend itself necessary

Constructing in Australia: 3 Ideas to Consider

Are you planning on investing in a property like a house or a residential business? Do you have an initial plan for a commercial space to expand your business? There are many ways in which you can invest your income for

Advancements in the Floor Design of Filter Underdrains You Should Know About

For rapid sand filters to function well, it is critical that you clean the filter media regularly. You also need to backwash the gravity filters like those supplied by to remove the accumulated particulates from the drain. Moreover, a combination of

Pressure Vessels: Uses and Requirements

In many industries such as the chemical and petroleum industries, the use of pressure vessels is essential for many of their processes.  These vessels have to be designed specifically to meet rigorous temperature, safety and quality requirements. In the case of

This Is How Industrial Companies Benefit from Nitrogen Generators

Nowadays, industrial and manufacturing companies are doing all measures to reduce operational costs while keeping the environment safe. They are finding ways to use components and employ practices that do not compromise their employees’ safety while cutting costs and saving the

Manufacturing Businesses: Pitfalls to Avoid

Those who enter the world of business know that it comes with its own set of issues and challenges. Whatever the industry is, you’ll be faced with issues that require your full attention. Nevertheless, running and owning a business comes with