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Woman talking to driver about charity

How to Successfully Donate a Car to Your Preferred Charity

Donating something that you are not using anymore is always a good deed. There’s still this great feeling when you give to charity, as you get to help other people who are in need. One of the things that you can

Differentiating Tyre Requirements for Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment such as earthmovers have specified tyre requirements to ensure better handling and steering. Factors such as speed ratings and air pressure requirements are crucial to the tyre’s performance. This is especially true for heavy equipment, as poor tyres could lead to

Have A Successful Car Buying Experience with These Tips

Owning a car brings freedom, but it also comes with many responsibilities. The vehicle will need fuelling, repairs, and general maintenance. Thus, you need a car that you can comfortably buy and maintain. Follow the guidelines outlined here so you can
Car Maintenance

What Every Owner Should Know About Basic Car Maintenance

The smell of a new car is exhilarating. Soon after the scent wears off, you’ll want the exhilaration of car ownership to carry on. You’ll get that from your vehicle’s consistently good performance. And auto performance for many years can only

Old Versus New: The Things That Matter When Buying a Car

There's nothing like the thrill of getting a brand new car. At the same time, nothing depreciates faster than a vehicle that may take a beating on a daily basis. So what difference does it make whether you buy old or

2017 Kia Sorento Earns The IIHS Top Safety Pick Plum

Put an SUV and a compact in front of the average car buyer today and he’ll likely choose the latter. Not a lot of people are fond of SUVs. They’re bulky, they guzzle gas, and at times even feel overkill in

Getting Affordable and Reliable Wheels

Buying a used car is always going to be a bit of a risk anywhere you are. The love of many Canadians for a bargain, however, usually makes Chilliwack used car dealerships an attractive option. You can find affordable and reliable

Accessible Luxury: How Infiniti is Slowly Winning the Middle Market

It is no secret that Infiniti is a mere department compared to its mother company, Nissan. But, the charm is not lost, as seeing Infiniti cars on the road is very much comparable to seeing an Alfa Romeo: always a sight

What to Do During a Car Lock Out

Car door locks are for safety, but getting yourself locked out of your vehicle is a different story and even frustrating. Additionally, this puts one’s safety at risk. Newer vs. Older Car Models Newer car models offer high-end locking system that
Towing Service

The Big Don’ts of Car Breakdowns: Minimising Risks

Car breakdowns can happen to anyone. Sometimes, they can even happen when you least expect it. You could be on your way to an important meeting and your car may suddenly experience problems. Your vehicle may be fresh from the market