Surf’s Up: The Best of Auckland Surfing

Silhouette of SurfersCalled the ‘City of Sails’, Auckland is among the few cities in New Zealand that boast two coasts for surfing. This means that regardless of the weather, you could catch a wave somewhere. The east coast is known for gentler surfs, while the west is for more majestic waves, depending on the weather.

Get in your UTE rental in Auckland and go catch some waves at these surfing spots:


While not exactly a surf beach, it’s close to the city centre — approximately a 10-minute drive — and offers a great storm surf. When winds go offshore, you could find reefs with great breaks at the beach’s south and north ends, with the reef located on the north offering awesome right and left peaks. It does get a bit crowded because of its location, but it’s a great surf spot nonetheless.


Found on the west coast, this is undoubtedly the most popular surf beach in Auckland. It’s a 45-minute drive from the city centre. This beach has Lions Rock that separates them, which forms South and North Piha. The southern part creates a left off bar, while the northern part offers right- and left-hand peaks, great for both pro and beginner surfers.

Maori Bay and Muriwai Bay

Approximately 30 minutes away west of Auckland, Muriwai boasts numerous peaks and a 60km beach. Maori Bay, on the other hand, offers a right- and left-hand point breaks that are suitable with the easterly offshore breeze. Be warned that these surf spots are ideal for experienced riders, though. In between surf breaks, do see the onshore gannet colony, which is among one of the three in all of New Zealand.

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Daniels Reef

Situated south of Leigh, you’ll have to make your way through the shore breaks and watch out for rocks to see right- and left-handers, where you could catch a hollow barrel. This is a beloved spot for pro surfers since the surf could get immensely powerful, particularly during cyclone season.

Riding waves is definitely among the most favourite activities of Kiwis and a must-do when you go to Auckland. Whether you’ve been surfing for your whole life, looking to learn how to surf, or enjoying some waves, you could find the perfect spot for you in Auckland.