Surefire Ways to Improved Car Speed

Car Modification TipsNot all cars are built for speed. Well, not all car owners are after speed. For those who want to zip through traffic sometimes, there are ways to make a car go faster. A few modifications here and there ought to give it the power to more than just cruise.

Make It Light

It’s common sense that the lighter the object, the faster they move. The same goes for cars. You don’t necessarily have to tweak the engine but just consider switching heavier parts with a lighter version. Lighter cars are more aerodynamic.

Substitute glass windows with acrylic or lighter materials. Remove seats that are rarely used. Sometimes, even the dashboard has stuff that are not necessary and just add to the weight of the vehicle. Get rid of that, too.

Even the type of brakes make a difference in weight. Try disc breaks in lieu of traditional models.

Better ‘Breathing’ for the Engine

One way to increase engine performance that translates to faster speed is to make it breathe. That means replacing the air filter with a more cost-efficient one. Unfortunately, car manufacturers sometimes go the route of using cheap air filters to save on cost.

A good exhaust pipe is also necessary to enhance engine performance. The air filter may be taking in enough air, but it isn’t let out efficiently due to a poor exhaust pipe. It does not mean getting a big exhaust pipe but one just right to balance the flow of air.

Check Tires

Not all car owners are aware that tire pressure is crucial to a car’s performance. Make it a habit to check the tire pressure and also inspect the wearing of the tires. It’s a good way to catch problems before they happen and could save you money. It’s also a smart way of improving fuel efficiency.

Change tires if necessary. Better grip means faster speed and safer trip.

Level Up Rims

It’s not just about new tires. Getting new rims, specifically forged ones, also improve car speed. Quality forged wheel brands, like’s Fuchsfelgen, are lighter than the equivalent cast wheel.

When modifying any part of your car to improve speed, just be sure to do it one at a time. This way, you’ll know its impact to the vehicle and not have to spend so much when one adjustment can make a lot of difference.