Story of the Day


"Beginners," by Raymond Carver 

"In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried," by Amy Hempel

"The Smoothest Way Is Full of Stones," by Julie Orringer

"Killer Heart," by Barb Johnson

"Though We May Not Discuss," by Kelcy Wilburn (poem)

"Awake," by Tobias Wolff

"The House as Rita Sees It," by Ben Greenman

"Tonight The Coastline Is Quiet," by Nick Mainieri (nonfiction)

"Phantom Pain," by Lydia Peelle

"Louisiana Loses Its Cricket Hum," by Amanda Davis

"Phone," by Darby Larson

"Up High in the Air," by Laura van den Berg

"Brief Interviews with Hideous Men," David Foster Wallace

"Flying Foxes," by Casey Lefante

"The Basement Room," by Graham Greene

"Flashback, or Why Nobody Won the Fight Between Our Fathers in Walt Wilmer’s Toolshed," by Sam Lipsyte

"Everything I Know About My Family on My Mother’s Side," by Nathan Englander

"Amber at the Window in Hurricane Season," by Justin Taylor

"French Artist Killed in Sunday’s Earthquake," by Simon Van Booy

"The Old Dictionary," by Lydia Davis

"Burn Me Up," by Tom Piazza

"I’m Wide," by Gordon Lish

"The Palatski Man," by Stuart Dybek

"An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," by Ambrose Bierce

"Little Things," by Raymond Carver

"The Dream of a Ridiculous Man," by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

"The Day After," by David Hollander

Through Black Spruce (an excerpt), by Joseph Boyden

"Extreme Solitude," by Jeffrey Eugenides

"Everything Is Green," by David Foster Wallace

"Hand," by Ryan Boudinot

"Everything is Breakable with a Big Enough Stone," by Taryn Bowe

"New Fruit," by Blake Butler

"What He’s Poised To Do," by Ben Greenman

"Hills Like White Elephants," by Ernest Hemingway

"Reunion," by Richard Ford

"The Treatment of Bibi Haldar," by Jhumpa Lahiri

"Moscow Dogs," by Martha Cooley

"Eveline," by James Joyce

"How I Started Going to Meetings," by Matt Bell

"The Sculptor’s Funeral," by Willa Cather

"A Father’s Story," by Andre Dubus

"Going for the Orange Julius," by Myla Goldberg

"Puttanesca," by Emma Straub

"Tennis, Trigonometry, Tornadoes," by David Foster Wallace (nonfiction)

"Sea Monster," by Ben Loory

"Love and Honour and Pity and Pride and Compassion and Sacrifice," by Nam Le

"Barn," by Ben Greenman

"Ronny," by Stephen Leonard

"The Norwegians," by Elliott Holt

"Mankind vs. The Undertaker," by Lindsay Tigue

"Keeping Her Difficult Balance," by Barb Johnson

"Jonas," by Belle Boggs

"Bobby Kennedy and His Sea Lion Sandy," by Anthony Luebbert

"Office Girl," by Joe Meno

"The Healthy Animal Moves Towards Pleasure," by Adam Bonislawski

"Brisket," by Stuart Dybek

"The Dredgeman’s Revelation," by Karen Russell

"Leaving for Kenosha," by Richard Ford

"Pottery," by Naomi Kruger

"The Caterer," by Ann Beattie

Four Short-Short Stories, by Kim Chinquee

"The Missing Statues," by Simon Van Booy

"Losing a Pole," by Laura Zigman (nonfiction)

"How To," by Aaron Burch

"When I Say Love," by Meredith Martinez

"Mrs. Budweiser," by David Kirby (poem)

"The World In Flames," by Jess Row

"September 1, 1939," by W. H. Auden (poem)

"Natasha," by Vladimir Nabokov

"Baby Love," by Sara Levine (Best of the Web #1)

"This Is Not To Say," by Amy Lee Scott (Best of the Web #2)

"Glory," by Cami Park (Best of the Web #2)

"The Reckoning," by Leigh Stein (Best of the Web #3)

"Great White," by Julie Platt (Best of the Web #3)

"The Sky as John Saw It the Nigh Kate Sparkled," by Molly Gaudry (Best of the Web #4)

"Fifteen unrelated stories titled ‘The man inside her pillowcase,’" by Brandi Wells (Best of the Web #4)

"Attending the Tasting," by Sarah J. Sloat (Best of the Web #5)

"What Happened To Sheila," by Dan Chaon (Best of the Web #5)

"Pregnant With Peanut Butter," by Michael Czyzniejewski (Best of the Web Bonus)

"Die Verwandlung," by Franz Kafka (original German text)

"Lines for Creeley’s Ear," by Allen Ginsberg (poem)

"Last Night," by James Salter

"Am Strande von Tanger," by James Salter

"Some Things Last a Long Time," by Karen Eileen Sikola (nonfiction)

"Marjorie and the Birds," by Emma Straub

"Something Better Than This," by Mary Gaitskill

"Close Your Eyes and Think of England," by Heidi Julavits

"The Shared Patio," by Miranda July

"Stephen Colbert Whips Lindsay Lohan," by Ben Greenman

"The Genius Meetings," by Elizabeth Crane

Five Stories

"Death and Waffles," by Lish McBride

"Birdwatching in Fresno," by Steven Church (nonfiction)

"Master of Fine Arts," by Kyle Minor (elimae Showcase)

"Boy," by Ani Smith (elimae Showcase)

"Penis," by Darrin Doyle (elimae Showcase)

"Broken Like She Is," by Suzanne Marie Hopcroft (elimae Showcase)

"The Present Is Where My Body Lies," by Susan L. Lin (elimae Showcase)

"The Smile on Happy Chang’s Face," by Tom Perrotta (One City One Story)

"Tree Line, Kansas, 1934," by David Means

"Your Breakup," by Alison Barker

"Notes to My Biographer," by Adam Haslett

"The Question of Where We Begin," by Kyle Minor (nonfiction)

"Incarnations of Burned Children," by David Foster Wallace (Flash Fiction Week)

"In a Tub," by Amy Hempel (Flash Fiction Week)

Twelve Pack of SmokeLong Quarterly (Flash Fiction Week)

Etgar Keret, Amelia Gray, and Laura van den Berg, from Guernica (Flash Fiction Week)

"How Difficult," by Lydia Davis (Flash Fiction Week)

"Gershwin’s Second Prelude," by Charles Baxter

"Risky Writing: The Story I Always Tell and Never Tell," by Gina Frangello (nonfiction)

"Pretzel Girl," by Edan Lepucki

"What Went Wrong," by Tim O’Brien

"April 20, 2008," by Benjamin Percy

"A Certain Number of Bedrooms, A Certain Number of Baths" & "The Receiving Tower," by Matt Bell

"The Birthday Girl," by Kevin Canty

"Dive," by Dawn West

"God’s Man," by Meg Sefton

"Death of a Pig," by E.B. White (nonfiction)

"The Specialist’s Hat," by Kelly Link

"Beautiful Babette, the Wandering Nymphette," by Roxane Gay (Used Furniture Review showcase)

"Fictioneer," by Paul Lisicky (Used Furniture Review showcase)

"Corrective," by Julie Innis (Used Furniture Review showcase)

"Sea Oak," by George Saunders

"Three Things You Should Know about Peggy Paula," by Lindsay Hunter

"Say Yes," by Tobias Wolff (video)

"Babydollz," by Sara Lippmann

"Fem Care," by Elliott Holt

Sinister Six: Stories of the Day (Melanie Yarbrough, Kim Chinquee, Steven Church, Susan Gibb, Julie Innis, Karen Eileen Sikola)

"Beginners," by Raymond Carver (Danny’s Birthday Redux)

"The Monstrous Sadness of Mythical Figures," by Amber Sparks

"Love Letter," by Casey Lefante (nonfiction)

"Disassembly," by Kathy Fish

"Fat," by Raymond Carver

"Take Care," by Aryn Kyle

"Passport," by Deb Olin Unferth

"Christmas House," by Amelia Gray (Christmas Edition)

"Up High in the Air," by Laura van den Berg (Best of Story of the Day #1)

"Your Breakup," by Alison Barker (Best of Story of the Day #2)

"A Certain Number of Bedrooms, A Certain Number of Baths," by Matt Bell (Best of Story of the Day #3)

"The Norwegians," by Elliott Holt (Best of Story of the Day #4)

"Puttanesca," by Emma Straub (Best of Story of the Day #5)


"All of the people in these pictures are dead now," by Frank Hinton

"Natural," by Julie Draper

"Bike Messenger on Lexington Avenue," by Jerry Ratch (poetry)

"Blubber Boy," by Julie Innis

"Zelda," by Meg Pokrass

"Somehow There Was More Here," by Danny Goodman

"La Dame du Lac," by Jack Allen

"AM:3" and "AM:5," by Amelia Gray

"Sarverville Remains," by Josh Weil

"Peacekeeper," by Alan Heathcock

"Letter to the Editor," by Adam Sivits

"Pretty Boy," by Richard Ford

"Headlines," by Karen Eileen Sikola (nonfiction)

"Cinematic," by Michelle Reale (Dark Sky Magazine showcase)

"Ash," by Meg Sefton (Dark Sky Magazine showcase)

"Is it a Comedy? Is it a Tragedy?," by Thomas Bernhard

"Flaming Beauty," by Matt Potter

"The Continuous Yearning of Walter Rush," by David Cotrone

"fire," by Nick Flynn (poem)

"Crutch," by Jami Attenberg

"Mother Burning," by Marcus Speh

"It Came to Pass After This," by Karen Eileen Sikola

"Tel Aviv Broadcast," by Etgar Keret

"Elsewhere," by Stephen Hastings-King

"The Founding," by Alan Heathcock

"Sennenhund," by Myfanwy Collins

"Girls With Eating Disorders," by Roxane Gay

Stories of the Day: Happy Mardi Gras!

"The Education of the President’s Dog Quincy," by Anthony Luebbert

"That Small Small Inch," by Tania Hershman

"Landscapes," by Nicholas Mainieri (nonfiction)

"Auscultation," by Steven Church

"You Were Perfectly Fine," by Dorothy Parker

"The Goldberg Variations," by Jason Lee Norman

"Consider the Lobster," by David Foster Wallace

"Mad Day in March," by Philip Levine (poetry)

"Sweet Potato Fries Please," by Frank Hinton

Four Poems, by Howie Good (poetry)

"A House, A Summerhouse," by Paul Lisicky (novel excerpt)

"Gunplay," by Neil Serven

"One of Those Neighborhoods," by Angelle Scott (poetry)

"Miniature Golf," by S.H. Gall

"Nine," by Aryn Kyle

Two Postcard Fictions, by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé

"Shudder, Click," by Lindsay Tigue

"Berthier Door," by Mark Reep

"Fact of Life," by Alison Barker

"While She Is Dying," by xTx

"Things Worth Saving," by Foster Trecost

"Fly," by Julie Innis

"Delicate Wives," by John Updike

"Vandals," by Raymond Carver

"The Spaces in Between," by Len Kuntz

"The Cooling," by Meg Pokrass

"1974, What I Wanted," by Ann Bogle (nonfiction)

"Common Password Profile Users: God, Love, Lust, Money and Private,” by Robert Vaughan

"Variation on a Variation of a Mode," by Sam Rasnake

"Immolation," by Susan Tepper

"Mother Knows Best," by Melanie Yarbrough

from Waxing, by Robert Gal (poetry)

Two Poems, by Kelcy Wilburn (poetry)

"Based on True Events," by Danny Goodman

"Greenpoint," by Danny Goodman

Two Poems, by Keith Birthday (poetry)

"Cloisters," by Danny Goodman

Five Poems, by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins (poetry)

"The Whole Deal," by Myfanwy Collins

Linked Stories of Danny Goodman #1 (four stories)

"Types of Circus," by Jen Knox

"Salvation," by Jen Violi

"Miller vs. Winterbourne," by Suzanne Marie Hopcroft

"Prevailing Winds," by Meg Tuite

"Treasure," by Matthew Boyd

"Closet Tarzan," by James Valvis

"I Am Speaking the Language," by Ashley Bethard

"Notes on a Marriage," by Karen Eileen Sikola

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