Starting a Warehouse Business:The Must-Knows

The Warehousing Industry in New ZealandThe warehousing industry in New Zealand is relatively fresh and those who wanted to engage in this business stand to reap significant economic rewards. To establish one, you need to know a couple of things.

The retail and supermarket businesses are booming in New Zealand and among the sectors benefiting from this is the warehouse industry. In fact, the warehouse industry market has grown exponentially that it gave birth to sub-industries like contract warehousing. If you have been planning to set up a warehouse business and grab a piece of the economic pie, this is the time. How do you accomplish this?

Get a Permit

You need to ask permission from your local government agencies to establish a warehouse business and construct a building for that purpose. Naturally, you need to submit your building plans and identify the location where you intend to construct your warehouse. These are just two of the major requirements you need to consider when getting a permit. You will get more information when you visit the website of the Ministry of Business and Employment of New Zealand. Their website also contains important guidelines and policies that govern certain types of businesses.

Construct the Building

Once you have all the necessary permits, look for a reputable construction company that can undertake the task you have in mind. Try to check out some commercial construction companies listed in Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand because you might one that you like. You can also ask some construction companies for their quoted price for such task and their projected completion date. Bear in mind that you need to match their estimated cost plus 10-20% contingency fund with your budget. You would not want to end up with an unfinished building project because of budgetary constraints, would you?

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Stacking Solutions and Equipment

You want your warehouse building to maximise space and hold as much stock as it can. This is possible using rack solutions allowing you to safely store goods in a vertical configuration using only a few square meters of floor space. You would also need the necessary equipment like forklifts to carry the goods to their designated spaces. Since you are just starting out, you can perhaps purchase one forklift and for the other unit, you can contact forklift rental companies to lease it. In fact, maybe you can just use rental forklifts with the help of Auckland Fork Truck Hire to free yourself from the financial burden of maintaining it.

It is said that the early bird always catches the fattest worm. While the warehousing industry in New Zealand may not be entirely new, it is still at its early stage. This means that you can still grab the amazing opportunities that await you when you set up a warehousing business. You can also do contract warehousing for those who do not have enough storage space anymore to stock their clients’ items. With this business, you will be able to get a piece of the economic pie that people in the warehousing industry enjoy.