Spa Success: Top Secrets to Luring Customers to Come Back to Your Spa

Woman getting a massageAccording to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness economy has seen a 10.6% growth since 2013, growing sharply to $3.7 trillion as it outpaces the global GDP. The global spa market, in particular, grew from $94 billion to $99 billion in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

Without a doubt, the wellness industry is thriving on an international scale. In such a lucrative industry, however, conventional marketing techniques may not suffice if the goal is to cut through competition. Changing tastes and expectations are discreetly transforming consumers, as well as their buying decisions and expectations in a service. Today’s spa-goers crave instant gratification as well as unique services and offerings, and spas that fail to keep pace are, at best, setting themselves up for a rude awakening or worse, extinction.

To keep a spa business successful, owners must look beyond simply gaining customers: they should work to encourage a good number of their customers to come more often than usual.

Here are some ways to lure customers into coming back to your spa:

Come up with a solid loyalty program

A great loyalty program does not only win potential clients over, but it also encourages regular customers to keep coming back. The secret to a great loyalty program is simple: make it more worthy for your customers. If they schedule two haircuts, for instance, offer one-half off.

Love your team.

While your priority is your customers, it is essential to take care of the team that works for you. Happy employees tend to be more productive and do better work, and customers who receive quality service are more likely to return. Customers, moreover, tend to move when their stylists do, so retaining your team can mean all the difference between loyal clients and an unstable customer base.

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Take advantage of blogs and social media.

Build a relationship with your customers by keeping a blog or regularly updating your social media profiles.

For your blog, you may offer ideas, advice, or even feedback. You may even tap into your network and write guest posts for an online magazine with a solid following, to attract feedback and leads through their readership.

Take advantage of Facebook’s new algorithm to spread the word about your business. Take interesting photos and short videos of your newest offering or signature work on Instagram or Snapchat, and watch your following grow. You may also generate engagement on your page (and stay on top of your followers’ news feeds) by running a contest. A raffle or any competition on social media has the potential to increase your client base tenfold.

Invest in a franchise with a good reputation.

Opening a spa franchise instead of building your spa from scratch eliminates the tedious work involved in marketing a new brand. Remember, however, to work with a brand that customers everywhere can easily recognize. Marilyn Monroe Spas, for instance, is one of the best spa franchises today. The spa operates in more than a dozen locations all over the country, and customers know it for its vibrant, social, and playful environment. Customers associate the spa with thorough services provided by graceful and meticulous professionals, and they know that it uses only organic high-quality products.

When you choose Marilyn Monroe Spas, you do not only get a resonating brand – you also gain access to loyal customers.