Shipping Container Options for Outdoor Sheds

Refurbished container vanBy reducing indoor spaces in today’s constructions, the need for an outdoor storage space is at an all-time high. You might also need a detached unit to act as a home office or getaway spot in your backyard. Most people would ordinarily think of building a backyard shed.

The building materials, expertise, local regulations and time involved in building a backyard shed make this option costly and inconvenient. The best option for space beyond your home’s four walls is a shipping container shed. Here are the types of shipping containers you may choose for your backyard shed.

Used Containers

These comprise shipping containers that have already been in use for transporting goods. They have first inspected at the depot then any minor dents and rusty surfaces professionally repaired. These containers are water and wind-tight and structurally sound. Compared to other options they are the cheapest.

Refurbished Containers

These containers might also have been used for shipping various products in the past or can be new ones. They are modeled to your desired size and specification. Depending on your intended use, you can opt for bolstered security locks, personnel doors, power points and lighting. Though costly, you can be sure that a refurbished shipping container will meet your specific needs.

New Containers

Though these containers haven’t been used in the past for shipping, they might have some dents from their trip to your location. Compared to other options, new containers will last 2-3 times longer. Though this is an expensive option, it is aesthetically pleasing and offers superior performance.

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The above shed options are secure, robust and can be used for storage of large and bulky items, unlike traditional wooden sheds. On average, a shipping container can hold loads of up to 30 tons. From the above options, you are sure to get one to suit your needs and set budget.