Safety Tips When Handling Fuel

two industrial engineers inspection fuel tank in chemical plantWhether you are storing fuel in a bunker or for your farm’s supply, transporting and storing the fuel requires careful handling. Aside from being volatile and combustible, fuel products can be toxic when inhaled or ingested.

In most cases, it would be beneficial to get a secure fuel tanker for sale with added safety features. More than just complying with Australian safety standards, fuel tankers can be outfitted with double walls, as well as powder-coating, to make them less prone to corrosion. There are also more safety rules when transporting and storing fuel.

Here are a few that may help:

Store Away From Water Sources

The majority of farms or homesteads store fuel in tankers for power purposes. It can be used to run a generator or tractors and other pieces of machinery. It is extremely important to store fuel tankers away from water sources or places that come in contact with the produce or livestock. This will ensure that there will be no contamination.

If gasoline leaches into water sources, it could kill livestock and cause damage to crops and produce. Store it in a secure shed away from the farm area and make sure that the tanker is always closed and locked properly.

Keep Fire Extinguishers Handy

Gasoline is a highly flammable material. Apart from keeping it far from sources of heat and not smoking anywhere near it, fire extinguishers and fire hoses should be just a few feet away from your fuel tanker. If you could place fire extinguishers beside or on top of the fuel storage tank, that would be better.

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Whilst the ideal scenario is to never have fires, it does not hurt to be prepared for accidents or mishaps. Gasoline fumes are carried by air and they can combust due to heat or leaks.

In addition to safety measures and precautions, people working near or living in the area where gasoline is stored should be trained to spot signs of trouble. They should learn how to use a fire extinguisher and know which numbers to call in case of an emergency or accident.