Reasons Why the Filtration System Matters in a Plant Operation

commercial water filtration system for cooling towersAn efficient cooling tower is crucial to making plant operations effective and eco-friendly. While most companies are mostly interested in increasing their cooling capacity, it still pays to ensure that the water you are circulating is relatively uncontaminated.

The cooling tower filtration system is a two-pronged approach that keeps your cooling tower running efficiently day in and day out. To reduce ecological footprint but still maintain quality products and parts, Masterflow Solutions offer customised equipment for storing, pumping and filtering fluid for filtration systems.

Good Filtration Means Clean Water

Circulating dirty water in your cooling tower or any heat exchange equipment has adverse effects on efficiency.
• The dirty water could clog up pipes and reduce flow rates. The pumps then need more energy and water to circulate ad bypass the clog.
• Dirt builds up sediment deposits on heat transfer surfaces. This creates an insulating layer that reduces the heat exchange efficiency of the machine.
• Unclean water encourages the growth of dangerous microbes like Legionella bacteria. Legionella is a disease of the lung acquired by breathing in the mist of contaminated water.
• Residues from evaporated dirty water cloud stick on cooling surfaces and become corrosive. These sediments clump together and damage the pipes, leading to expensive maintenance of your cooling tower.

Stream Filtration and Full Flow Filtration

Sidestream and full flow filtration are the top systems used in cooling tower filtration. While the Full flow systems use large filtration systems that continuously clean all the water before recirculation while sidestream systems divert a fixed volume of water to a bed of filtration media, extract the impurities and return it to the central circulation line.

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Sidestream filtration draws water from the cooling reservoir. It passes through some high-efficiency filtration before returning it to the cooling tower’s sump tank. The filtration system doesn’t directly affect the cooling tower. This means that a new side stream can be installed or maintained with the tower running

Full flow systems, on the other hand, are an integral part of the cooling tower. Any downtimes on the filtration system will affect the cooling tower. They are, however, more efficient at cleaning heavy or dangerous contaminants faster.

Filtration systems should always prevent clogs and grime which hinders a tower’s cooling capability. Customised filtration systems allow you to manage maintenance or expansion freely without compromising your filtration efficiency.