Planning a More Efficient Layout of Your Oil Storage Facility

Engineers with Oil Tanks at the Background

Your main objective may be to store oil in tanks, but this is not the only thing you have to think about in your facility. You need to consider the safety of each worker in the vicinity, and whether you are able to do tasks in the most efficient manner. If you’re just starting out, your processes may need a little refinement.

Here are some suggestions for a more efficient layout:

Store Oil in the Most Advantageous Positions

As oil is the lifeblood of your business, you will want access to it, but you also want it to be secure in an above ground storage tank from Heartland Tank Services. This means looking at the layout of your facility and determining the best places for the storage tanks. You need them to be accessible from all areas. Also, make sure that the location can be easily contained in case of an emergency.

Automate Certain Processes

Manpower is an important resource. You should not be wasting it on repetitive tasks that do not require complicated decision-making. For instance, scheduling the alarms of the facility can be done by a sophisticated system instead of manually. You can also rely on software to preliminarily assess components that may have leaks or are not working efficiently. A trained personnel can then focus their attention on those identified weak links.

Mark Exit Routes Clearly

One reason for a bottleneck in the workflow is when your employees do not know the best routes to take to get to their destination. Gather them for a briefing to give them the best routes and also to plan for contingency plans in case the route they need to take is not passable. This is also a great time to introduce them to emergency exits and safety measures in place.

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When everyone is working efficiently, they get more job done in a shorter time. If they can do that without compromising their safety and the quality of output, then your workflow is all set.