Perth’s Reliable Range of Domestic and Commercial Fire Water Tanks

water tankYou cannot adequately describe the tremendous damage that a fire can cause. Managing such broad and complex incidence can be a delicate and challenging activity. It is heartbreaking to see your hard earned property and assets burn down to ashes because you have nothing you can do to save the situation.

A consistent water source is an essential consideration in the design of emergency fire unit, notes.  You may use water from more than one source. In this article, consider procuring a reliable water tank that can help you contain incidences of fire either at home or work.

Strength and Quality

You ought to ensure that the water tanks to be installed at your premises are reliable and comply with Australian Standards AS2419 and AS/NZS 3500.1. Tanks should be made of highest standards, with impact and ultrasound test gear for quality control.

Tanks with liner membrane technology will give you a great peace of mind since the technology ensures that water is maintained at low temperature, and there are no leakages for a long time. Moreover, you are assured that such tanks are rigid and can withstand pressure from the high volume of water stored and won’t split and cause disaster.

Effective Capacity

Tanks must be designed so that the required amount of water for use by the fire-extinguishing system remains available for use at all times. The tanks should be differently sized to guarantee that the necessary flow for the required duration is provided. Likewise, it should be maintained way above 50% and have a connection to the fire brigade at all times.


Just to be sure and avoid risk or malfunctioning of the entire system, you should ensure there is regular check-up of the water system and maintenance. Otherwise, the system may be a great letdown in an event of a fire.

The bottom line is, when you are thinking of securing your home or business from risks, get reliable fire water tanks.  Don’t allow the fire to catch you unawares.

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