Parent Guide: Cycling Safety Guide for Your Kids and Teens

Cycling Safety in BrisbaneMore people ride their bike as a means of exercise and transportation. Along with this, the number of cycling casualties continuously increases. Accidents and injuries involving children are no exceptions.

Bike accidents are classified into several types, although bike-car collision appears to be the most common. Among children, cycling too fast and attempting to do dangerous tricks are often the cause of an accident. A child that rides without a helmet can likewise result in serious injuries, which could have been avoided in the first place if they’re wearing proper gear.

Promoting Bike Safety in Children
  • Choosing the right helmet – Local bike stores in Brisbane and the rest of QLD noted that it’s best to visit cycling shops along with your child to find the best fit. While most helmets can be worn for any activity, choosing one that is specially made for biking will provide better protection for the head. Lastly, get a helmet approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission by ensuring it has a CPSC sticker inside.
  • Dress correctly to be visible – Your child should wear clothes in bright colors, so that they will be visible to motorists on the road. Otherwise, make sure they’re wearing reflectors or using reflective tapes. Better yet, don’t let them ride along the road.
  • Know the road rules – Never ride against the direction of the traffic, or it’s better to use the bike lane instead. Avoid riding near parked vehicles, as doors can suddenly open and hit the cyclist. It is important to follow the road signs and traffic lights, as well.
  • Know the hand signals – Hand signals are beneficial whenever you are turning left or right, or stopping. Extend your left arm to your side not higher than your shoulder to inform the vehicle behind you that you are turning left or the other way around. To stop, use your arm to form an L-shape with your fingers pointing down.
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Cycling is fun, but can be dangerous if not done with safety in mind. While you cannot tell when an accident would occur, you can do things to protect your child and minimize the risks.