New Welding Technologies forf Welding Pros

Man weldingThe welding industry is on a quest to recruit more welding operators and retain those who are currently in the business to meet growing demands. The leading solutions come in the form of new equipment and technologies with improved functions and better user-friendliness.
Training initiatives and business partnerships are also among the key driving factors that help the industry face its shortage of welding professionals. With advanced processes and new technology, we can see an increase in productivity and precision of welding operations. Leading welding companies in Edmonton recently shared how the industry remains competitive despite the challenges.

Intuitive Products with Simpler Design

The American Welding Society predicts a massive shortage of 400,000 welding experts by the end of 2024. To address the issue, equipment manufacturers are brewing technological improvements with simplified interfaces. These new tools and machines help make superior welds in a shorter amount of time, but most importantly, they are easy to operate.
Some processes have been made easier with a simple push of a button.  New systems have pre-installed pre-set parameters, which the user can customize. These advancements reduce work, maximize labor hours, and provide exceptional performance.

 Advanced Procedures

 Labor eats a large portion of the cost of welding, usually around 80 percent. It is crucial for welding companies to find ways that speed up processes to meet the growing demand for welded products.
An advanced technique is the modified short-circuit MIG or Pulsed MIG. It is simple enough to easily learn, speeding up the training and allowing even new hires to start creating quality welds. Wire processes can also increase productivity and help avoid weld defects.
 From contractors to manufacturers, many sectors can benefit from these technological advancements. Furthermore, these will help organizations in accelerating the process of training new welders.
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