Metal Pressing: Choosing Between Stainless Steel and Aluminium

Stainless steel sheetThe metal pressing methodologies have undergone serious improvements and advancements over the years. This applies to the types of materials used to create pressings, too. Primarily influenced by the growing number of industries that now depend on metal pressing — from vehicle manufacturing to aerospace to air filtration — you’ll now find a long list of companies that offer such products and services.

The type of metal to use for pressings matter

Whether you’re in the market to invest in your own press tool or have professional pressers to carry out the process for you, it’s vital to have an idea of the type of metal to use. Today’s pressing technologies allow for the quick creation of usable materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium. Understanding the pros and cons of both will help ensure the longevity of the finished product, while also cutting your overhead costs.

When you need high resistance to deformation and warping

Stainless steel is the better choice when you need materials possessing impressive resistance to damages, such as deformation and warping. This metal is widely known for its hardness rating and durability that aluminium has yet to match. Furthermore, steel is 250% denser than aluminium, making it more scratch- and dent-resistant.

Note that some metal pressers have exceptionally powerful tools that allow them to press and bend steel into complex shapes. If you need such materials, then consider working with experts.

The cost-effectiveness of steel

As you choose amongst the available options, you need to take into consideration the overall cost associated with it — from the raw material to maintenance and longevity. Prices of commodities can vary widely, as many factors influence these. But when comparing stainless steel and aluminium, as well as with other metals, the former typically comes out as the most cost-effective.

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Stainless steel or aluminium, the final decision is up to you. Remember to choose the one that best fits your projects.