Massive or Multiple: Deciding Between Water Tanks

house water tankWhen searching for a water tank, most people have no idea what exactly it is they are looking for. They have to consider several factors, as well as determine whether numerous or just one large water tank will suffice their individual needs.

Deciding if to set up one massive tank or several ones will rely on different factors, namely:

Storage requirements

You have to figure out the amount of water you will need to keep. If you only want a small water storage or under 10,000L, then price-wise, a single tank would be a better choice. Alternatively, if you require storage of nearly 35,000L, then it is best to buy a couple of 22,500L tanks.

Property space

You have to check whether a massive single tank can fit on your property and if it can, determine if it is in its ideal position. On the other hand, you can figure out if a couple or more several small tanks would fit better instead.

Preferred tank style

Some tank styles are only available in particular forms. For instance, slimline tanks are perfect for those who want to install it beside their house. Conversely, those who would rather have tanks that are not visible can go for under deck or underground tanks.

Single tank vs. multiple tanks

Several reasons surround why a massive single tank setup would be better, such as:

  1. For lower storage capacities, around 25,000 or less, a massive tank can be more affordable compared to several smaller tanks.
  2. Setting up one tank is easier because it does not require any coupling.
  3. It is easier to maintain a single tank compared to many smaller tanks.
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Meanwhile, with multiple storage tanks, you will find the following:

  1. A couple or small tanks can be more economical and offer more storage compared to big tanks if you are considering 35,000L capacities.
  2. Expandable water storage as required.
  3. Easy to fit several small tanks on a property.

Whether you eventually decide on picking several water tanks or choosing one massive tank, it will all rely on a wide array of factors. In the end, you must opt for whatever fits your requirements best, but let this article serve as your guide in choosing.