Managing Your Warehouse for the Better

Warehouse manager pointing at monitor with warehouse employeeWarehouse arrangement should be a top consideration for business owners to guarantee accurate inventory. Whether you are just starting or simply want to improve your current warehouse racking, here are some tips that should help:

Get a Better Racking System

If your racks are fairly old, check with a racking system supplier such as Storeplan and see how you can improve your current installation. Look for a system built for rack decking, thereby increasing the stability of your system and making it easier for you to load more on each pallet.

This helps you take advantage of the vertical space.

Ignore Obstructions

Maximising usable space is best done by sketching a racking system that ignores any obstructions in your path. For example, draw a layout without taking in any of the columns or blockades in the space.

Once you have decided on the optimum layout, you can add in the columns and simply adjust the original design as needed.

Be Wary of Placements

Take into consideration the type of products you will be storing in the warehouse and their corresponding placement relative to other products and the storage facility itself. For example, you can put together similar items in the same racking deck like sports items, clothes, and toys.

You might also take into consideration the temperature of the warehouse or whether the products will fare best near the ceiling or close to the floor.

Review Annually

Something new always comes up in the logistics industry so try to keep up. Incorporate new technology by first studying how they would improve your operations.

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Decide on a system now so you will not have problems in the future. This storage method will also be reflected in your accounting system and future profits and operations.

Typically, storage companies make use of the First In, First Out method (FIFO) because this helps guarantee you sell first the older products.

Do you want to improve your warehouse management? Follow the tips given above.