Lower Energy Bills with the Right Pump System

Pump System of an Industrial CompanyMany companies struggle with mounting energy bills each month. By picking the right pump system for your business and keeping it in great shape, you can keep the energy bills low and affordable.

In the mining sector, industrial pump systems play a critical role in creating a safe work environment and an efficient production process. Depending on your production process, you might have to run pumps around the clock. In such instances, you will incur a hefty energy bill each month.

Industry insiders suggest that pump systems account for about 20 per cent of the electricity consumption. Unfortunately, not all power consumption is put to good use as some plants operate at dismal efficiency levels—falling below 40 per cent. Luckily, you can take credible measures to improve efficiency and rein in the runaway energy bill.

Insist on a Professional Installation

It is often too tempting to settle for an oversize pump when making a purchase. That way, at least in your estimation, you’ll be in a position to handle any emergency such as a flooding mine shaft. While a powerful pump is handy at such times, you are better off exploring ways to mitigate such a danger.

An oversize pump saddles you with a hefty energy bill each month regardless of the size of your operation. Getting professional advice helps you pick one that fits your needs, increasing the return investment.

Ensure Regular Maintenance

As with any heavy-duty equipment, wear and tear is a common occurrence when running an industrial pump system. For best results, you need to keep such a system in great shape. In most cases, this means nothing more than adhering to the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule.

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Doing so lets you keep the friction damage to a minimum while latching on to minor faults as quickly as they happen. Preventive maintenance keeps the damage to a minimum, increasing the lifespan of your expensive equipment. A neglected system boasts a lower production level despite consuming more energy.

Energy consumption bills in the industrial sector can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. By getting the right pump system and keeping it in great shape, you can lower your energy bills.