Living in a Shipping Container Shelter? Why, Yes!

Shipping container shelterBuilding a new house for yourself is a major life decision. But if you find the process quite exhausting, why not consider this: instead of building a conventional house, why not use a shipping container shed or shelter for your residence?

Though originally designed as a reusable container for any mode of transport, these containers are now used in many parts of the world as a temporary shelter, office, or even home. They are easy to move and install in any property, and could even be used as a type of mobile home.  Here are other reasons why people consider shipping containers as an alternative shelter or shed.


Houses built from shipping containers cost 20% less than houses made of conventional building materials. You also have the option to choose new containers, with prices starting from AUD 5,000 (12-metre cube containers), or used, which you can purchase for as cheap as AUD 1,800.


These containers are made of materials infinitely stronger than regular building materials. This is primarily because of their original function: shipment of all sorts cannot be compromised, and clients demand durability and protection during delivery. If fireproof, waterproof, and even hurricane-proof materials are of great importance to you, then these containers aptly suit your needs.


Should you opt for a used shipping container, you are salvaging an otherwise useless product and repurposing it. Hence, you are helping preserve the Earth’s natural resources and prevent the overuse of its natural resources.

A reliable disaster shelter

Shipping container sheds and shelters can be used a protective shelter from natural calamities. They are sturdy enough to withstand fire, storms, and earthquakes, all thanks to their strong Corten Steel component.

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Shipping containers used as shelters have seen increased popularity in recent years. They save money, space, time, and even help in recycling these containers into something more useful.