Keeping Your Home in Top Shape in 3 Ways

Spacious living roomMaintaining a clean and tidy home is not as easy as it sounds. This is especially true if you lead a busy lifestyle, as you may find yourself too tired to do household chores after getting home from work.

Home maintenance involves significant work and money, especially when you have to do repairs. You may find potholes on your flooring, which you can patch up using concrete floor repair products, or maybe you have a leaky toilet that needs repairing.

Here we outline some simple ways to keep your home looking fresh and well maintained:

Inspecting HVAC filters monthly

If your large family includes pets, it’s advisable to change your HVAC filters every month to extend the life of the furnace and maintain a good indoor air quality. This is still necessary, but may not be always necessary for smaller families with members who don’t have allergies.

Inspecting the filter every month is important, but if you find that it’s still clean, you can postpone changing it until your next inspection the following month. When buying HVAC filters, it’s best to go with the cheaper ones and replace them as often as necessary rather than buying expensive ones.

Keeping your kitchen sink disposal clean

Kitchen sink disposals are normally self-cleaning, but you still need to give them attention to keep them in tip-top condition.

Start by removing any lodged object from the garbage disposal before cleaning it. After that, you can flush out any remaining dirt or grime using water from the sink. You can put dishwashing liquid while doing this and let the water and dish soap sit in the sink for a few minutes. You can also try grinding ice tubes and salt for debris and sludge that are difficult to remove.

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Dealing with the toilet troubles

Toilet flush problems are common in many households, and can cause your water bill to skyrocket when not fixed immediately.

To resolve this problem, start by removing the tank lid and finding the small fill tube. Once you find it, reattach it and ensure that it perches about one inch above the toilet rim. Adjusting the float will also help you in addressing this problem. The float can be adjusted by pinching its clip and sliding it up and down the rod.

It’s easy to make your home the most comfortable place to be in. All you need is to do the necessary inspections to make sure it’s always clean and tidy.