In Perspective: Trucking Accident Stats In Oz

Trucking AccidentsConsider flying and driving in terms of potential dangers. You may think that flying is more perilous since it involves cruising above the earth at several thousand feet. Driving a vehicle on land seems harmless by comparison. But the numbers tell a different story. Over 5 million people perish on the roads, compared to only 20 in flying. An airliner would have to crash every day, without survivors, to match driving’s fatality numbers.

The prevalence of road accidents makes towing truck services like that of Ready Towing an absolute necessity. What follows is further proof of the importance of such services.

Crunching Numbers

As of 2016, there have been 643 recorded road fatalities. This is according to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. You should note that this is 10.9 percent more than last year’s number, during the same period (June 2016). And of that 643 who perished, 612 were drivers. That’s also more than last year, which stood at 539. Passenger and pedestrian deaths come in at a far second place with 224 and 228 deaths, respectively.

Trucking is a major niche in these terms. Data from Safe Work Australia shows a massive number of Aussie truck drivers being killed at work. Here’s the biggest takeaway: 39 percent of those who die figure in single-vehicle truck crashes. They were either speeding, or aren’t fit to work at all during such circumstances — tired, disoriented, and unable to concentrate on the road.

Speed Kills

Speeding appears to be a major cause of crashes. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a big portion of fatal crashes is on roads with speed limits of 100 kilometres an hour and above. Roads with speed limits of up to 60 kilometres an hour follow suit, as well as those with limits between 65 and 90 kilometres an hour. Lastly, almost have of these crashes were single-vehicle accidents (44 percent). Multiple vehicle crashes aren’t far behind at 40 percent.

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There’s likely no third-party solution for this problem. Everything must start with the drivers themselves. Driving safely can save lives — not only one’s own, but potentially others as well.