How Your Printing Business Can Benefit from UV Flatbed Printing

a man pulling out a printed sheet from a printerAlthough many companies are now coming up with different campaigns to advertise their business online, many managers still know that printed material, the traditional method of advertising, still plays a big role in marketing campaigns. Signs are an important element as they highlight promotions, listing sales and increase product awareness. To meet the print requirements, many companies seek the services of businesses that can meet the high printing demands. As well as brochures and leaflets, successful printing businesses have the capacity to produce larger posters and tarpaulins. A UV flatbed printer is a method of digital printing that utilises ultra-violet lights to dry ink quickly during large-scale printing. By adding a wide format UV flatbed printer to your printing options, your business develops the breadth and capacity to meet all businesses’ printing needs. Here are the reasons why investing in a flatbed printer is beneficial:

Less Cost

Flatbed printing typically costs less than other sign making methods such as printing to vinyl and screen printing. Printing single colour signs on a large scale usually cost less with a flatbed printer than with screen printing. Screen printing multi-colour signs are more labour-intensive as it requires multiple passes and different screens. Flatbed printing runs everything in one pass. Printing to vinyl is ideal for vehicle wrap or window graphics. For other printing, especially for rigid substrates, the less expensive option is flatbed printing.

Longer Lasting

A UV flatbed printer uses LED lights that are long-lasting. Most LED lights last up to 10,000 hours, depending on its use, and generates consistent output without needing to change bulbs. The printed material also lasts longer. UV flatbed printers use ink that’s cured with UV light instead of heat, which makes the ink dry instantly. UV ink does not come off when it gets wet or being cleaned, unlike other methods of printing. Investing in a UV flatbed printer will improve your capacity to produce large-scale printing. By being low-cost, durable and low maintenance, flatbed printers not only produce quality products, they are a tool to a wider audience.

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