How to Successfully Donate a Car to Your Preferred Charity

Woman talking to driver about charityDonating something that you are not using anymore is always a good deed. There’s still this great feeling when you give to charity, as you get to help other people who are in need.

One of the things that you can easily give to a charity is your car. Today, we will discuss what to consider when finding some charities to donate cars to.

Consider the Charity

Make sure that the charity is a legitimate one. Know if it is eligible to pass on your donation to people in need. Some charities do not accept cars as a form of donation, so make sure to clear this up with them.

You should also ask if you would have to go through a third-party company to be able to donate a car to them. If they do accept cars directly, consider driving the car to the charity instead of hiring a towing service. This way, the charity can keep all of the proceeds to help the people in need.

Ask for a Receipt

Most legitimate charities will hand out a receipt once you donate your car to them. This is similar to a sale, so you should get a receipt from them.

If they do not agree to give you a receipt, then look for another charity to donate your car to. Always check online sources to make sure that the charity is a legitimate one and that it can give the proceeds to people in need.

Men and woman standing next to row of cars

Take Some Pictures

No matter what you decide to do with your car, take pictures of it after the procedure. For example, if you get your tires changed, then take a picture of all the tires.

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This is to make sure that you keep your car’s value in case of a future donation. You should also keep all of the receipts for future reference.

Talk to the IRS, ask questions, and research online to know everything that you have to be aware of before donating your car to charity. Good luck and congratulations on your donation!