How to Manage Sunlight and Lighting in the Office

Man smiling, leaning on his desktopSunlight has both good and bad effects in general but also specifically at work. Sunlight can work great for the health of employees. Conversely, sunlight can be a source of eye strain and bad moods at work as well. How will you encourage the good aspect and protect your employees from the bad?

Good sunlight

Sunlight brings a number of benefits to the office. Scientific studies have linked natural light to better employee moods during the day. This improvement in mood stems from exposure to vitamin D from the sun. At the same time, employees become more productive and their vision becomes better because of clear lighting.

Bad sunlight

Sunlight has also been linked to some negative effects, however. Depending on the position of the office and the windows, sunlight can cause glare in the office environment. Glare, in turn, can lead to eye strain because eyes have to adapt to the unbalanced light and dark areas continually. Sunlight glare can also lead to headaches, lower productivity, and even employee fatigue.

Plan your lighting in office design

How then can you encourage the good aspect and prevent the bad aspect of sunlight? You will have to plan your lighting carefully. Natural light can be emphasized as much as possible through the structural design of your office. Otherwise, in an old office, you can re-arrange the office to allow the passage of natural light.

Balance natural and artificial light

At the same time, you have to balance out the natural light with the right lighting in the office or through natural light control. You can use office blinds to direct sunlight away from areas that have glare. Diffuse lighting and strategically-placed task lights and lamps can also eliminate sunlight glare, leading to better desktop or laptop work.

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With such a balanced setup, you can make sure that your employees remain productive, healthy, and free from eye strain. You can now enjoy all the benefits the sun can bring while protecting your employees from the negative effects.