How to Make Your Stairlift Last for Several Years

StairliftJust like with any other piece of equipment that you own, knowing how to maintain a stairlift properly is essential. Although you can work with companies such as StairliftChicago to help you with proper stairlift installation, it’s still important to know how to prevent it from breaking down in the future. Thus, here are a few tips on how to manage your stairlift.

Clean It Regularly

The first thing that you need to remember when maintaining a stairlift is to clean it properly. Although you can hire maintenance professionals to do the job, you may want to wipe the seat with a dry cloth or even a feather duster at least once a week to prevent dust from accumulating. Also, you may use a slightly damp cloth to pick up the dirt.

Properly Lubricate It

Another step that you need to do is to lubricate the tracks correctly. The tracks need to be oiled every few months. However, you need to remove the key to disable the track before you attempt to lubricate it. You may also want to clean it with a dampened cloth to remove foreign debris from the track.

Avoid Cleaning Solvents

It’s also vital to refrain from using solvents or abrasive cleaners because they can corrode the delicate parts within the stairlift. Both the carriage and the chair can be damaged, which can affect the way the rollers work.

Knowing how to maintain the stairlift will make it last for many years. Proper maintenance can lead to fewer problems as well.

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