How Marketers an Make the Most of Traditional Advertising Methods

photo of business people having a meetingMarketing is among the core business areas that you should invest in. Sometimes, the budget can be so meager that getting things done may seem impossible. An integrated marketing communications approach is one of the best ways to reach customers, but if you have not budgeted to fill every gap, you can focus on traditional advertising.

Traditional advertising has many dimensions. If you want to reach your customers in an effective manner, you ought to pay attention to the media placement. Here are some of the methods you may want to consider including in your marketing plan:

Method #1: Billboards and Banners

If you want direct-to-the-point and in-your-face marketing, billboards and banners are your way to go. You need to keep in mind, however, that these materials require a short copy. For it to be interesting, it needs to use a lot of big visuals — the complementing qualities of the visuals and the short copy will make it work. You can always work with providers and printers of outdoor banners in St. George, Utah.

Method #2: Direct Mailers

You cannot put everything in your billboard, so you need to support it with a leg. In this case, you can distribute mailers and direct marketing materials such as brochures. That way, you can explain the specs of your products and services. Just put a call-to-action that will lead customers to your website.

Method #3: Brand Activation

Who says traditional advertising is not experiential? Make it happen through brand activation. This is a method where you set up booths in supermarkets and high-traffic areas where people can try your products and services.

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These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to reach your customers through traditional marketing. If you have extra budget, you may consult an advertising agency specializing in below-the-line methods.